Interventional Neuroradiology

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For 40 years, Balt has been developing its expertise with an exclusive focus on the most mysterious and complex organ in the human body – the brain. And even more precisely, on strokes.

Currently, 16 million strokes occur each year worldwide, 5 million of which are fatal, while another 5 million result in severe disabilities. The prospect for continued progress in the treatment of these conditions is supported by industry development from companies such as Balt. The complexity of such pathologies requires high-level technology and industrial expertise. These have been cultivated since 1977, when Balt manufactured the first medical devices for the minimally invasive treatment of neurovascular diseases.

Brain specialist

Balt has been collaborating with physicians for 40 years by providing them with specialized devices for the treatment of patients with neurovascular diseases.


Balt develops its products in partnership with physicians and academic institutes to continuously push the boundaries of existing technologies and contribute to future scientific advances for the care for patients.


Balt products are used by clinicians in over 100 countries worldwide. Today Balt is comprised of ten locations on three continents.

BALT Products


Fargoline (braided guiding catheter)

Vasco+ (braided microcatheter

Hybrid (hydrophilic guidewire)

Aneurysm Treatment

Optima Coil System (complex & helical coils)

Eclipse, Copernic, Baltacci & Magic (occlusion balloon catheter)

Eclipse 21 & Copernic 2L (double lumen baloon catheter)

Leo+ & Leo+ baby (Self-expandable intracranial stent)

Silk+ (self-expandable intracranial stent)

Silk Vista baby (self-expandable intracranial stent)

avm* treatment

Magic & Baltacci (progresssive suppleness microcatheter)

Sonic (progressive suppleness braided microcatheter)

Squid (liquid embolic device)

Flow coils (free spirales for injection)

Stoke treatment

Corail+ (guiding catheter with balloon)

Cathview & Catch+ (thromboembolectomy system)