OT Light LED, Double Dome (EcoMed: Model-Glory Series G3)

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                                                                                                   Glory Series G 3/6 


  • Touch Screen
  • Control panel with touch screen, the color temperature and the brightness can be adjusted  uniformly according to requirement.
  • Focus And Spot Adjustable
  • Doctors can adjust the focus and the light spot easily according to requirement.
  • Multiple Color Temperature Choice
  • Five segments of  color temperature for choice to cater to multiple operation needs. 
  • Excellent Material
  • The arm, the electronic commutator, the LED bulb and the power system are all famous and popular brand .
  • Long Life and Energy-saving
  • The LED bulb can use 80000 hours, no need to replace the LED bulb within 
  • 15 years, low maintenance cost, and economical.
  • Latest Technology
  • With CAD/CAM technology, together with Lens technology and optical coating material, the light depth can be 1200mm;
  • With special PC material, the light can be more soft and the system more safe and reliable;
  • With hydraulic design dome, the Interference of vertical laminar flow and visual disturbance in the OT will be in the minimized level;
  • Shadowless Effect
  • It is combined with LED light, fixed position with the computer's precise calculation to reach 
  • the perfect shadowless condition. It has high performance in the brightness, depth and spot size.
  • Cold Light Effect
  • Using the new LED cold light source, it will not produce infrared light; it hardly has any temperature rising on the doctor's head and surgical field.