shadowless LED OT light

Shadowless LED OT light features:

1. Excellent material: Both arm and electric commutator are made of Germany brand, the LED bulb is from USA brand, the power system is from Taiwan brand.

2. Long life and Energy-saving: The LED bulb can use 80,000hours, which is 50 times longer than halogen lamp, no need to replace the LED bulb within 15 years, low maintenance cost, and economical.

3. Latest Technology: With CAD/CAM technology, together with Lens technology and optical coating material, the light depth can be 1200mm; With special PC materical from America, the light can be more soft and system more safe and reliable; With hydraulic design dome, the Interference of vertical laminar flow and visual distrubance in the OT will be in the minimized level; The dome is beautiful and smooth and made of Aviation-level aluminum alloy, with the surface covered with a protective payer of anti-bacteria materical, plus the water-poof design, and is fully catering to the OT application needs and requirement

4. Shadowless effect: Shadowless operation light is combinated with LED light, fixed position with the computer's precise calculation to reach the perfect shadowless condition. It has high performance in the brightness, depth and spot size.

5. Cold light effect: Using the new LED cold light as the operation lighting, it will not produce infrared; it hardly has any temperature rising on the doctor's head and surgical field.