NITROCAR to, cradle of civilizations from Sivas, Turkey, Turkey is step by step and sector spanning over 20 years in the world by serving the heavens Group to produce hospital furnishings and medical equipment was established in 2009.

When first installed 10,000 m 2 closed area, which produces Nitrocar to, the closed area in 2013, expanding more than 100% 25,000 m 2 had taken off and advanced technology, the production capacity of machinery has managed to become one of the leading manufacturers in the industry, increasing with each passing day.

Nitrocare, working with the principle of honesty and quality in service, which is the guarantee of success and continuity in production, continues to progress with sure steps towards becoming a world brand as the rising value of Anatolia.

Nitrocare has proven its unique designs to the world by developing its high quality and flexible production capability with its expert design team, and in 2 years RED DOT DESIGN AWARD, GOOD INDUSTRIAL DESIGN, GOOD DESIGN AWARD, GERMAN DESIGN AWARD, IF DESIGN AWARD and INTERNATIONAL DESIGN AWARD international design awards It has won.

The firm's unchanging principles have been quality products, systematic work, qualified service, on-time delivery and affordable prices. have proven in the eyes of customers with quality products to provide the value that gets the product documentation, with exports to more than 60 countries, received by the international design award and Turkey's top 100 fastest growing companies took the money to take part in.

Nitrocare will continue to produce innovation, work tirelessly, and achieve new goals and new achievements with its excellence and quality. That's why Nitrocare's signature is a prestige and this signature adds perfection to life.